Solar Pool Heating

Extend the Swim Season with a Solar Pool Heating System

Heating your swimming pool with a solar pool heating system is one of the most beneficial uses of solar energy. While a solar pool heating system is similar to a gas or heat pump pool heater, a solar system has the advantage of extremely low annual operating costs.

The solar pool heating systems pulls together heat from the sun and then moves the heat to the pool’s water as it’s pumped throughout the system. All through the summer months, the solar collectors can be used to cool the pool, if preferred.     

A Heliocol system is used to significantly decrease or remove the pool heating utility bills. The system uses little to no maintenance and the patented individual tube design and mounting hardware can endure remarkably high winds. It is guaranteed with the most comprehensive warranty of any heater available.  

A solar pool heating system enhances the value of your house and allows you to obtain more enjoyment and relaxation out of your swimming pool investment.

Numerous benefits include:  

  • Relaxation
  • Great form of low-impact exercise
  • Fun for the Kids
  • Time as a family and a reason for the kids to stay close to home
  • Late Night Swimming
  • Poolside Entertaining
  • Increased Property Value
  • Better return on your Pool Investment

If you have any more questions about pool heating systems, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Mr. John L.
Being extremely happy with the service provided and money I am saving on my electric bill is a complete understatement. PBTP Solar Contractors not only provided great service, they were professional and efficient throughout the whole process. Great work by a great company!

Mr. Douglas R.
With the new solar water heater system in place, we don't have to spend money on gas keeping the water hot all year long, it just happens naturally during the day when the sun is out. Thanks again for the quick and inexpensive installation!

Ms. Lori R.
After the whole solar boom, we were skeptical at first. Once my friend told me how much she and her husband were saving, we knew we had to switch. I asked her who she called and she gave us the number to PBTP Solar Contractors. They were friendly, answered all our questions, and never went over any deadline they set.