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We help you take steps to reduce your impact on the planet, while saving you both time and money.

Here at PBTP Solar Contractors, we keep it easy and effortless. We skillfully design and carefully install dependable and lucrative solar power systems to allow our clients to be more energy independent, decrease the burning of carbon-based fuels and save money. Our solar company provides assistance to both residential and commercial properties in Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura County.

Our solar installers take solar from theory to a actuality; in other words, we are on the way to getting it complete. As sunshine is so dominant, dependable and delivered every day – free of charge – the ordinary rooftop of almost every residence or business is an undeveloped site for a solar power plant. A solar panel is just like an engine, except you do not have to buy any fuel and they run for decades.

Our solar company has the deepest knowledge in solar pool and domestic water heating. Our dedicated employees and service staff ensure quality service when executing their solar installation job. We look forward to supplying you with the system that you need for your home or business.

What does all this experience mean for you? It means composure because you are dealing with a company that drives more by after-the-scale technical and engineering concerns than by an easy desire to make the next sale. You can expect:

  • Straight Answers
  • Correct system sizing for your unique needs and site factors
  • Realistic expectations of system performance
  • Correct plumbing installation and system hydraulics
  • The most advanced, safe and trouble-free systems available today

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  • Electricity
  • Water Heating
  • Water Preheating
  • Pool Heating
  • System Maintenance


Mr. John L.
Being extremely happy with the service provided and money I am saving on my electric bill is a complete understatement. PBTP Solar Contractors not only provided great service, they were professional and efficient throughout the whole process. Great work by a great company!

Mr. Douglas R.
With the new solar water heater system in place, we don't have to spend money on gas keeping the water hot all year long, it just happens naturally during the day when the sun is out. Thanks again for the quick and inexpensive installation!

Ms. Lori R.
After the whole solar boom, we were skeptical at first. Once my friend told me how much she and her husband were saving, we knew we had to switch. I asked her who she called and she gave us the number to PBTP Solar Contractors. They were friendly, answered all our questions, and never went over any deadline they set.

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